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Well… After a fair bit of planning over the past weeks, the website is making progress. Not the placeholder online, rather the development site behind the scenes. We estimate the website should be online in the next week or two and the solution should be launched about a month or two after that. This is […]

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Last week we needed to have a very particular flash header developed for the ProWorkflow website. It was a 3x way sliding header that differentiated between the three products in the range. Our usal resource was time strapped so I thought I’d try and place a bid request. Something we’ve never tried before. Also, decent flash resource is hard to come by in New Zealand ;-)

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Every day I hear of companies that want an All in One solution, ie: Sales, CRM, PMS, Admin, Billing etc

Unfortunately, the best you can hope for is that you can get at least some of the solutions ‘All in one’. But more importantly than this is that you get the ‘Right’ few solutions all in one, ie: SALES / CRM, or QUOTES / PMS / INVOICING or OUTLOOK / EXCHANGE / PDA access. The key is to have a good think about grouping the solutions that need to be together, and those that should be apart.

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Fairly soon we’ll be launching a new solution –! This will be a free web-based task manager based on the popular Many people have asked for a very simple web based solution, so we’re answering the call!. In addition to the solution being a great task manager, we’ll make it fully upgadeable to […]

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I think there is a fine line between clients contributing to a products’ development and client designing the product. Definately, clients should be contributors of ideas, but often they are not in the business of product development, usability or databases, so shouldn’t be ‘designing’ the tools. Another way to put it, is “Just because I can […]

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