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Reviewer: Pablo Varando
Product Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

ProWorkFlow is one of those products that really sets the standard for others. I uncompressed the file and followed the few installation procedures (which were very easy to follow) and in less then 2 minutes the application was up and running… but not just running, running correctly!

Another thing that I really liked about ProWorkFlow is the extensive amount of documentation that came with it. Being a developer myself, I can tell you that I love to code, but more often then not.. I hate writing documentation. These guys really went that extra step to provide their users with a full manual that explains how to use their application. The manual is 17 pages long and it really gets the user into the application.

Most developers (Myself included in some cases) lack time management skills. By this I mean that we develop applications and charge the clients but always seem to lose money in the process because we get tied up coding and not tracking the time we spent creating something. This is where ProWorkFlow comes in… I mean look at this as an investment to make you money in the end :)

This is a really nice application that is properly written, they lock properly in their code it’s easily scalable to SQL server from the Access database it is distributed with. So what is my overall rating for this application? Well, like Siskel and Ebert used to say “Two Thumbs way UP!”…

If you are a hardcode web developer that really wants to “time manage” your applications correctly, this is the product for you. I recommend this product to all developers (Even those that are not CF Related :)

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