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Reviewer: Pablo Varando
Product Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

Having reviewed version one and version two of this software, I went in with an open mind. Thinking will things get better or worse with this product. As products get bigger and better, usually there are more bugs and more problems. I did however test this product extensively. Reviewing it not only from a users stand point, but also from a developers stand point. Guess what I found? A solid product that gets better and better as new releases come out!

The team that builds this product takes into consideration that things are needed and approaches them in a professional manner. You can tell this justby looking at the code. Proper coding, great solutions and correctly implemented solutions (this means planning, which is the way all products should be done).

Overall, I found myself saying, this product rocks! Because it’s a cool tool that every developer needs (even those of us that dont think we do) ;)

If you are a developer (or business user) that wants to lower your costs and increase your profits.. then you need to make the small investment of purchasing this product.

What can I say, I ProWorkFlow in my everyday workday all the time and without it I dont think I would maximize my sales and profits!

So what is my review of this product? Get it, not later; BUT NOW! You cannot be a serious player in the IT field without it! It really is that good!

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