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Reviewer: Pablo Varando
Product Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

You know… I am more and more amazed by this product everyday…
I have tried and reviewed this product in two ways…

(1) Via installation on my local machine (this went very smooth) and

(2) Using the online system that is provided monthly for those not wanting to host this application themselves! (no setup on my end to get it started, they will get it up for you)

I gotta say that I have mentioned before that this product gets better and better and I find myself saying that yet once again.

As a full time developer who also works side projects quite a bit; this product allows me to clearly keep track of my side work and to accurately bill my clients. Let’s say that my clients prefer that I use this product to others since it allows them to see what they are getting billed for and how long each task/project I develop takes. (Time IS money after all) Its a win-win situation for both you and your clients. Plus it’s become a selling point for new clients… after they hear they can see everything, they almost always hire me on the spot!

If you have yet to use ProWorkFlow… I gotta say go get a free trial on their site… give it a try and you too will see why I love this application, it rocks! Get it today!

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