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Last week we needed to have a very particular flash header developed for the ProWorkflow website. It was a 3x way sliding header that differentiated between the three products in the range. Our usal resource was time strapped so I thought I’d try and place a bid request. Something we’ve never tried before. Also, decent flash resource is hard to come by in New Zealand ;-)

What amazed me was that 30 mins after placing the initial bid I had a list of 30+ flash contractors with various prices ranging from $50 – $1000. Looking through, most were complete rubbish, but there were about 3x really great companies. I talked to all three and settled on a flash expert in Romania (Bid: $250). What I really appreciated was that when he responded to my questions/suggestions, he was polite, quick, and his answers were very well thought out. He obvoiusly understood what I wanted to accomplish. Most other bidders’ replys were ‘canned’ responses.

So I’d suggest that if you use a bidding service like this, here’s some tips that worked for us…

    1. Pick 3x good bidders and ask some difficult questions.
      (This’ll soon sort them out!)
    2. Change the brief a bit and see how they respond.
      (Defensive or Accommodating?)
    3. If they do great work, pay a 30% bonus!
      (They’ll work harder for you next time!)

So the project went smooth, we chatted numerous times over Skype (VOIP), and despite the fact he was Romanian, the accent was easy to understand. The project was completed in a week (a week early) and all files delivered were well documented.

I know that not all bid contracts run this smooth, but we’re glad it did so just wanted to share the experience. In regards to cost, it still came in about 50% less than if we had the work done in New Zealand (including the bonus!). So I say “Go Rentacoder!” & we’re about to submit another bid!

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