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Well… After a fair bit of planning over the past weeks, the website is making progress. Not the placeholder online, rather the development site behind the scenes. We estimate the website should be online in the next week or two and the solution should be launched about a month or two after that.

This is the great aspect of online business, that you can create an entire product and business system from scratch in 2x months with ZERO dollars spent or invested. The hard part however is actually putting the ‘business machine’ into play and approaching the market in the right way so you can actually create and grow revenue – that the hard part!

Remember: “Success is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration!”

We’re expecting fairy rapid takeup with this project (based on cross promotion through and as such, we’ll need to have solid backend infrastructure and virtually completely automated business/server systems. I may discuss the inftrastructure and business model plan in a later post.  ;-)

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