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With the burgeoning global economy and communication barriers coming down all over the globe, we seem set to have the world economy unified and country dollar rates average out even more.

For example, India discovered that due to it’s cheap dollar and massive labourforce, it could offer competitive outsourcing services. The world starting outsourcing it’s core services to India for $1-5 per hour. Over the years, as India’s economy strengthens they become victims of their own success. Now it cost $20-40ph for Indian outsourcing and it becomes a less viable option.

Other countries are following suit. China, Romania, Gemany, and other ‘outsource’ countries are strengthening their dollar and becoming less affordable for remote labour. So where do we turn in this new economy when we need some cheap labour for our oursourceable services? Here’s what we’re doing…

We have worked out that the best avenue is self-creating a workforce. We’re cooking up our first worker as seen in the image below. After working out the capital cost to get the infant to a workable age (2-3yo), it’s still an affordable solution. Also, from birth, we’ll train the baby in the ‘ways ot IT’ and nothing more. Baby’s brains are like sponges, so we feel we can have him or her ready to be a productive worker within a few short years. Here are some reasons we’re considering infants as cheap labour:

  • Babies talk incomprehensible gibberish just as good as current foreign outsourced support call services.
  • As babies just poo where they are, there’s less toilet and bathroom breaks.
  • Most 2yo’s today can operate computers better than their adult counterparts. Some are at advanced level ASP and DB programming by 3-4yo.
  • Babies aren’t on solid food so can keep working whilst being straw feed from a central food repository.
  • As babies have no need for cash yet, rather than minimum wage, they can be paid with empty cardboard boxes.
  • Got bad payers? Get the baby to spew up on them for each payment missed. They’ll soon pay up!
  • The only problem? At about age 2 babies develop a mind of their own and speed off in crazy tangents like most developers. I guess we’ll need to wait for genetic modification to sort that one.

Here’s the photo of our first new worker we’re cooking up:


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