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No two businesses are the same. There is no ‘Magic formula, just great advice.
There is a very big difference between having a good product, and having a good business behind the product!

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Web-based project management solutions offer those responsible for managing projects the tantalizing prospect of no longer being always on call to move things forward. While this is a position some might find uncomfortable, the re-definition of the role this makes possible is attractive to others.

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The biggest problem we encounter and always seek to improve is “Knowing What Works” (and what doesn’t).

In order to get the best ‘bang for our marketing buck’ we’d invested heavily in developing systems to measure metrics and conversion rates etc. Without a way to measure results, you’re just blindly throwing away your marketing dollars. We use affiliate tracking links to manage the results of our campaigns and have built systems to count daily signups and activity.

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A few weeks ago, I was attending a black-tie event in Christchurch, New Zealand for the local Business Awards. I had been nominated for the business awards (for ProActive Software), and shortlisted to 8 out of about 50-80 businesses that were nominated from our local area. The evening was great, food was fantastic, the ‘transvestite’ […]

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