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Below is a small mention ProWorkflow had in a good article. The full article can be read here:

………..”In contrast, when ProActive Software’s ProWorkflow launched in 2002 it originally targeted small software development houses. While its client list has grown to include firms such as Disney, its focus is still small- to medium-sized businesses, many of them in the creative sector. One of ProWorkflow’s strengths is its customizability, ranging from modest possibilities using its hosted version through to total control via the availability of its Cold Fusion code base.

Web-based project management solutions offer those responsible for managing projects the tantalizing prospect of no longer being always on call to move things forward. While this is a position some might find uncomfortable, the re-definition of the role this makes possible is attractive to others.

Karl Fountaine, of Fountaine Design, a New Zealand-based three-person shop providing graphic design and advertising services, uses ProWorkflow to manage project workflow. For Karl, part of the appeal of such a system is that, “I now know if I have to leave the business for any time my staff will know exactly what work is in progress, and when it is required – my business no longer relies on me being there every minute of the day.”

While RoboHead, Creative Manager Pro and ProWorkflow are mature products that have gone through a number of upgrades, they are by no means the only solutions available, so it’s essential to try out as many of the alternatives as possible before making a commitment. After all, such a system will play a central role in the life of the business, so it not only has to meet current requirements but meet future needs as the design firm evolves. For example, Creative Manager Pro can integrate with the financial data from such accounting applications as QuickBooks, but it also provides full-blown accounting functionality of its own. Most solution providers do offer trial accounts that can provide an essential hands-on assessment.

Creatives will probably never relish the practices involved in tracking and managing their design projects. But faced with increasingly demanding clients, the growing sophistication and browser-based accessibility of Web-driven project management systems created with their needs in mind can help both them, and their managers, execute more effectively.”

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