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Here’s a list of all the Web2.0 solutions we could find. Check them out as there are some awesome solutions here.

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I was put onto this great new website called the other day. InfoNews is a citizen journalism website for local news in New Zealand that allows any member of the community to publish news, photos and event details while also providing a forum for opinions, messages and interaction.

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Our core product ProWorkflow ( hit a milestone recently with over 1,000,000 hrs tracked through the solution. This was time tracked on 100,000 projects, for about 300,000 tasks. Based on average studio hourly rates, this equates to $100,000,000 as an approximation of the value of work managed using the ProWorkflow solution.

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If you are looking for content for your website or portal, all articles may now be republished as syndicated content or direct RSS feed.

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