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ProActive Software Ltd, the flagship company for project management software, has been using various forms of online marketing for the past five years and has recently changed their approach to online marketing, rejecting traditional static marketing, to organic marketing with solid results.

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One of the most commonly used terms on the world wide web (WWW) today is the phrase “Web 2.0” and in a recent article by ProActive Software Ltd, the flagship company for project management software ProWorkflow, has brought a lot of attention to the term and the misrepresentation it construes.

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Online businesses are coming to the realization that in an organic environment like the Internet, organic marketing is required; paying for traditional or static marketing only gets you so far before it becomes ineffective. The consumer now controls your marketing.

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Whilst doing some Web 2.0 marketing research, I came across the following slideshow. I wanted to share it as I agree with virtually all of the points raised and they back up another article we’ll be releasing this week… This was presented at the InnoTech eMarketing Summit at the Austin Convention Center.

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Find out about the unseen downside to Adwords. The rising bid price and lowering conversion rate. It’s slowly changing for the worse and if you didn’t measure it, you wouldn’t know.

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