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This is an interesting forum thread from that I replied to. Read the question and scroll down for my response. Though it may be of interest… ———————– FORUM QUESTION ———————– Why are people not buying our software? We sell an international software suite, geared towards small/medium sized businesses worldwide.We offer a FREE Demo version […]

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Well – it’s nearly the end of Movember –’ve had a crack this year to see if I can create a worthy moustache.  Here’s my effort at restyling my face: —————— MORE INFO ——————— Movember (the month formally known as November) is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year. At the […]

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Vertical or Generic? This article discusses my thoughts on the issue. Feel welcome to comment and share your views.

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For all software companies there’s only one equation that matters – Find out what it is in this post.

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  Just a J101 site update. Traffic on this site has really taken off lately, so I’ve decided that whilst my random postings are of interest to some, it’s probably worth getting more organized. Even I forget where certain posts are! So If you see odd things happening with this site in the next few […]

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