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Here’s a review from a customer on a well known software rating website called and and thought it was worth a post. On the website the ProWorkflow solution gained an 8.95 rating so we’re happy with that.

I wanted to post this as it’s not often that software companies are transparent. This was written without our knowledge from a long time user and I believe it’s an accurate review. We receive similar comments daily.

Here’s the review:
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ProWorkflow rocks for small business project managers.

I have used ProWorkflow for several years now so I have seen it progress over a good period of time. The developers are very focused on the project, extremely competent and I felt very secure having some of my most sensitive data on their hosted system.

The functionality behind the project management is quite extensive, with multi-users, easy to use access controls, and the reporting is excellent. If you’re a small business with lots of subcontractors and clients that like to see project progress, this one is worth every penny as hosted solution, bar-none.

Where they lack some is in integration with existing systems. For example, if you use QuickBooks, it’s marginally integrated at this time which can be hassle. Conversely if you don’t use QuickBooks, the system has a good invoicing module that is a huge time saver if you have subs/employees entering billable time on projects. It completely seems plausible to me that it is just a matter of time before they grow enough to take some of these concerns on.

Usability is excellent but there are some frustrating aspects I have to knock a few notches off. An example of this is inability to set hourly costs by specific users or projects. This is probably more due to the fact that I use subcontractors more so than salaried employees, so to me this is very important that I track what I quoted, what it costs, and what our margins are. That part is not address with ProWorkflow, but like the integration issues, they know this very well and it’s probably just a matter of time.

On architecture and quality, I can only say that source is fully available for purchase and is entirely customisable. So if your organization is large enough to manage modifications, then this is a great code based, evident by some of the heavy hitters that have licensed the product from them. They will customize the system for you if you can afford it, but the hosted solution for small business is mainly been my interest and where I have come to know it. This would make integration with existing systems somewhat a none issue, if you have the in-house expertise to do this.

Support has always been very responsive, often times Julian himself (director of ProWorkflow) making the call. No idea how he finds time to do that, manage the development, and continuously explore web technology interests (he has a blog). The man must be a genius is all I can say about that. I have submitted many feature requests in the past, and while I can’t say I’ve had every feature request fulfilled on the hosted product, what they have implemented, they have implemented very thoughtfully and with the biggest bang for the buck for sure.

Performance & scalability, whatever tricks they do make this look simple, has been a non-issue since the beginning. They seem very conservative not to overload their servers with too many customers. They’re always brisk, and I can’t remember them ever being down for any extended period of time. Like I said, they rock this hands down and was one of the main reasons I signed up with them years ago, after trying many other systems that were fine feature-wise, but just bogged down with slow user response experienced.

Clearly, Julian and his team have a winner on their hands; I just hope they’re no early exit strategy, as I very much like to see them continue to grow with their sense of focus for the product.

The results are obvious; they have a great product, made by a very lean group of guys with some serious knowledge on managing project management enterprise tools.

Once they get some integration features in place to facilitate invoicing through other systems (they do have an invoicing module that’s pretty good), they’ll have hit this out of the park.

I would hands down recommend this product/service to any small business looking for a web-based solution that’s within reasonable monthly expense and has just about all the bells and whistles you could ask for. And depending on the requirements needed, I would likely recommend it’s code-base to a mid-sized firm with in-house resources that could take this and run with it.

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