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I read a good article in the NZ Herald online the other day called “NZ Entrepreneurs going to town on web” about some New Zealand internet software start-ups taking some promising steps towards international success. In the article, Wellington entrepreneur and Xero founder Rod Drury quotes “There are a number of next-generation entrepreneurs kicking it on the international stage”.

Good on all these guys! Keep up the 20hr days! I’ve met Rod from XERO, and had a few good chats with Grant Ryan from Eurekster and they’re both passionate, and focused. XERO seems to be fleshing out it’s powerful offering nicely and Eurekster looks to be picking up some good momentum. I think in the next few years we will see even more great Internet successes come from New Zealand as more kiwis learn to use the Internet as a massively powerful and leveragable marketing and distribution platform for their ideas. Rod also has some tips on starting a business on his website that may be of interest.

Definitely some great talent being displayed there, however I wanted to add a couple of other promising Internet companies to the list (ours included). Keep an eye on these companies as they’re both growing nicely. They both are keeping a strategic low profile whilst refining their low inertia scalable business models but are set to scale and should make some good ground this year.


– Online Project Management Software (developed by is a web based project management and time tracking solution for IT, creative and service businesses (a HUGE global market). It’s the brainchild of Julian Stone CEO and Alan Barlow CTO, who developed the initial solution in 2002 to meet needs in their own business.

The company runs a low inertia business model with tight overheads, automated systems and is run as a SaaS (Software As A Service) business model. Simply put, the ProWorkflow solution sits on servers in the USA and customers rent the solution. ProWorkflow has thousands of paying users (80% of users are offshore) and is winning accounts with well known names such as Fossil, MySpace,, Fox (and many more) in a space where the leading alternative solutions are 10-100 million dollar business, and many massively VC funded. – A great effort considering the company was bootstrapped to revenue with no funding. Watch this space…


– Citizen Journalism Website is a citizen journalism website for local news in New Zealand that allows any member of the community to publish news, photos and event details while also providing a forum for opinions, messages and interaction. The website was started by Fraser Mills and Peter Hodge, both graduates from the Peter Arnett School of Journalism at the Southern Institute of Technology in 2006. has designed a unique system allowing websites to benefit from the news aggregation aspect on the site. This makes it easy for niche websites to keep their content up to date and gives them the ability to focus on original production while increasing their websites natural exposure.Citizen Media Limited have designed their model to be easily expanded outside New Zealand once the website is fully established. The business is not totally reliant on advertising which is so often the case for content based websites; bringing more stability to their growth and revenue.

Citizen Media Limited currently has private funding and aims to develop and along with several other news delivery services during 2008.

If you know of any other promising internet startups, add them in a comment below. I’d love to check them out and see who else is out there playing on the global stage… ;-)

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