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Our SaaS business focuses on a project management solution we rent to a global user base (servers in the USA, the business is remotely run from NZ). No matter how hard we drive home the ‘Value & ROI’ message, there’s always a large number of ‘Price driven’ customers as we all know. The way to […]

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An article came across my desk today about – a premium ad-free photo- and video-sharing site. Here’s the article: These guys are a father and son operation with various other family members involved (and now 30 employees). They have a simple revenue model and 100,000 subscribers. Not bad. They’re now about a $12 […]

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Here’s a customer success story from a ProWorkflow user. Another great example of ProWorkflow creating smooth processes!

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For all those who haven’t yet got their heads around the concept of Web2.0 or the social media online culture springing up, here’s a chart to break it all down. This should put the Web2.0 buzzwords in perspective for all! Technorati Tags: Web2.0,Web 2.0,Chart,Social Networking,Internet Culture,Communities,Social Markers,Tagging,Ranking,Weblog,Search Engines,Rss,Aggregator,Video Sharing,Podcasting,Video Blogs,Vlogs,Wikis,Online Applications,SaaS,Citizen Journalism,User Generated Content,Creative Commons,Social […]

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Ever seen stats and numbers in a research article that seemed a little off?

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