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An article came across my desk today about – a premium ad-free photo- and video-sharing site. Here’s the article:

These guys are a father and son operation with various other family members involved (and now 30 employees). They have a simple revenue model and 100,000 subscribers. Not bad. They’re now about a $12 million dollar a year operation which is impressive given they started with only a very small initial 200k investment from the father.

I say they bootstrapped though because 200k doesn’t stretch very far on wages, servers and other expenses. It looks like they simply did the hard work and grew! Good on them – it’s well deserved.

Anybody who’s bootstrapped a business to revenue or profit knows that it’s a tough road. Doable, but not easy, but when you make it you end up owning more of the original business and have a deeper understanding of exactly what makes your business tick.

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