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One of our awesome ProWorkflow customers made a mention of ProWorkflow (Project Management Software) in their latest media article.  To read the article, click here:

I’m always excited to hear customer success stories! I’m also amazed at the large variety of industries gaining productivity benefits from the ProWorkflow software. I guess fundamentally though that most industries use generic principles of projects, tasks and time. ProWorkflow has been designed as a generic PM tool so can adapt to many situations easily. From Crash Brokers to Creatives, to IT co’s or Manufacturers… The solution can create efficiencies!

Here’s a snippet from the article…

“…The “project” is then entered into the on-line system which sends an automated email-alert to the customer advising log-in/password details.  Crash Brokers staff update all milestones daily so customers know as soon as insurance assessing is complete, target completion dates, any subsequent updates and other relevant information. Other files and images can also be attached.

Crash Brokers’ Director Karen Knight says a number of software packages were trialled over many months before deciding on Christchurch based ProWorkflow.  She says they’re delighted with the functionality and robustness of the system, as well as the unlimited technical support provided by ProWorkFlow’s Director Julian Stone and his staff. 

Knight describes ProWorkflow as a first-class product that’s easy to navigate and intuitive to use – it fully supports Crash Brokers objectives of providing a highly efficient professional service that saves customers time, stress and money.”


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