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I just found this article about the size of the SaaS market in New Zealand. Have a quick read as it’s interesting Here’s the article (and the first paragraph)…

Software-as-a-Service Ups Its Game in New Zealand

“Market Expected to Experience 65% Growth in 2007 and Grow to NZ$64 Million by 2010” –

Springboard Research, a leading innovator in the IT Market Research industry, today announced the results of its latest research on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market in New Zealand. Increased vendor activity and the inherent appeal of SaaS have been responsible for the market growing 65% in 2007 to NZ$14 million. Together with Australia, New Zealand continued to be the most mature market in the region.

NZ$14 million? That seems a bit on the low side. I would have thought it would have been higher – perhaps double. But 14 million? I’ve known of software co’s in NZ that have been successfully renting software in a SaaS model for years. I also can tell you that we (ProActive Software – – Project Management Software) were never interviewed or asked about our earnings in any survey and that would have added a chunk to the numbers. We’re a dedicated SaaS company! One of the few truly global established SaaS players in NZ.  I wonder how many other companies weren’t included in this research? There’s plenty of great SaaS co’s around Wellington as well…

The point of this post? Firstly, that there is an emerging Software as a Service industry in New Zealand, and secondly, whilst interesting numbers and from a seemingly reputable source, never trust a SWAG (Silly Wild Ass Guess)  ;-)

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