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I saw this on YouTube last year and thought it was worth a mention. This is a SaaS model business sharing some interesting thoughts and stats. I find it really interesting hearing other companies facts and figures… I used the company’s solution iContact a while back. I remember they had a great knowledgebase – which must help them reduce support load cost.

Interesting that they have a low price point ($5 per user) yet have remained profitable. Not suggesting that all SaaS co’s should have a low price (as all have different business models), just interesting to see the numbers…

These are the facts I picked from the video… Interesting…

Product: Email Marketing Software

  • Started 2003
  • $2.9 mill turnover 2006
    (took 500k investment, spent $440k on marketing)
  • $6.3 mill turnover 2007
  • 420k p/m recurring revenue
    From 9000 customers (80,000 users)
    = $5 per user p/m
    = 10 users per company
  • Adding 1000 users per month currently
    Each company worth $50 per month
  • Bootstrapped to 2006, then took $500k VC investment. in 2007, they spent $440k ($8400 p/week) in online advertising (increased revenue $4 million)
  • A Competitor raised $32 million to do the same thing.    
  • Spent heaps of the $440k on Articles, Blogging, forums

Interesting and good on them! I’m keen to hear of any other vids showing company stats for web cos…


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