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We have recently started upgrading all existing subscription accounts to the latest version of ProWorkflow Version 6.0. We have also changed our trials system over to using the latest version of the code.

For trial users nothing will seem new because this is the first time they’ve seen the system, but for subscription account customers there are so many little changes that you can become blind to any noticeable differences.

Lets go through some of the biggest and coolest new features/changes…


Safari Warning

If you are using Safari then you won’t get the ideal experience with ProWorkflow, while we do test to ensure nothing is different, Safari has some caching issues that we can’t get around so you may end up seeing old data. In the past we would just tell customers who experienced the issue not to use Safari but we have now added a warning to the login screen.


New Alerts Header

In the past you could only receive alerts by email, this had issues because of email laws, spam filtering and all around troubles. We’ve tried to combat this by incorporating your alerts in the new Alerts Header.

The header looks rather inconspicuous, simply displaying the date & time and number of alerts.


Upon clicking the alert number the header will slide down to reveal your alerts on the left, and ProWorkflow updates news on the right.


You will receive alerts that look exactly the same as the emails that are sent, as well as any billing alerts if you have the new “Billing Alerts Permission” in your Users/Permissions. You may notice that there is now also an RSS feed for your alerts that you can subscribe to in any feed reader.


Tracking Time Revamp

How you track time remains the same (adding manually or clock-in/clock-out), but we have changed the system itself so that there is no longer a page refresh on auto-tracking. What this means is wherever you see your time tracking icon, when you click it, it will switch out to the icon for active time tracking, and it appears in the new header.


Now whatever page you go through, you can always stop time tracking, we have also added in a pause feature. Pause stops tracking time on the task but leaves it in the header, so when you are ready to resume tracking you can click start again. Click Stop to remove the task from your header and also finish tracking time.


We have also changed the “Task Time Records” pop-up you see when clicking on the total time tracked on a task (this is also where you add manual time). If you are adding manual time records, they are added with no page refresh, with a highlighted fade to let you know which record it is.


Deleting time records is also done without any page refresh, and also warns you better to prevent accidentally deleting time records.


We now also only show you 5 time records at a time to increase the loading for long-run tasks with immense numbers of time records, you can jump straight to the next page using the “Next Page” link or the “View Page” drop-down list and it slides in from the left/right.


Recording Time on Behalf of Others

You can now edit any time records on a task and attribute it to any other staff members assigned to that task. This will make life significantly easier for project managers that need to add time for other users, as they no longer need to log in as them.


Quicklinks -> My Favorites

We have renamed “Quicklinks” to “My Favorites” and added the ability to add projects instead of just URL’s. You can add a project to your favorites by clicking the star icon on the Project Details Page for that project.


3 New Built-in Reports

We have built in some new Time Summary reports, you will notice there is one built into the Project Details page that lets you see all the time currently tracked on all tasks sorted by staff member. You can view this report by week or month, and as always with our reports, you can export to XML or CSV for external use.

You will find the Time Summary report in the Reports Page for your account as well, where you can bring it up over all projects, projects in specific categories, or globally for all staff.

We have created a new “Staff Performance” report that gives you some general information displayed graphically.


You can also bring up a breakdown per staff member by clicking “Staff Performance Breakdown


You can set the period for these reports using the drop-down lists top right of the page.

Custom Reports Builder

We have finally released the Reports Builder. This is incredibly complex code able to handle any report you can throw at it. So you can simply select fields, filters and display orders.


And the system will spit out a report for you that is saved so you can run it whenever you would like.


Calendar Page Rebuild + Events

We rebuilt the Calendar page so on each day it is organized into Projects & Tasks, and also optionally shows the company name. You can add the Events by clicking “New Event” below the “Calendar Page” link.


Project Defaults (Project Settings)

We have added Project Defaults, simply click into “Project Settings” in the “Administration” section and you can set the default options for when you are creating a new project, this can really speed up adding projects if you are using similar description templates on each project.


Miscellaneous Changes

We re-arranged the Administration section links. Also, when creating a project you can select to add tasks immediately, which will reload the “Add new tasks” page when you click Finish or Save.

image  image

Feedback Welcome!

Leave some comments on this post to let us know what you think of these new updates!


Author Note:
This blog post was written by our top support guy Sam Law.
Check out his blog! 


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