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Cleaning out a desk in the office I came across an old memory – My old CV. Now this is a legendary work of art! It’s made of 5mm griptred aluminium, galv steel gate hinges, is wonderfully semicircular and has semi translucent pages. I made this when going for a job as an effects animator many years ago at WetaDigital in Wellington. I thought “Well, it is visual effects, so I should make my CV stand out”. This took about a week to construct, and all the time I was putting passion in my work, sweating over the band saw, late nights formatting the pages, lovingly polishing the CV’s bulletproof pages!

I got the job, but my current employer made an even better offer so I stayed put, which was the right move as I’d probably now be a specialist in creating realistic Hobbit toe hair strands in prep for the greenscreen 3d digital matt overlays in post production. Cool job, but probably not very transferable skills. Instead I’m now CEO of a successful global software company.

Getting to the point though, looking back, I have never in the past 10 years seen a CV that showed even a glimpse of creativity or would stand out in a pile of CV’s. Mine would, it’d be the paperweight on top! And if put further down the pile, other CV’s would fall off it!

I just don’t see the passionate creative spirit that a lot of early Gen-X’ers bught to the table in the early days. We used to fight for our jobs, put the effort in so we knew the name of the interviewers dog! We’d be there on time, I even wore an orange suit once just to stand out! My first two jobs I proactively approached and offered to work for free just to get a foot in the industry. And then I bought and sold motorbikes and cars to make profit to cover the travelling money until I was proven and put on a good wage.

Two things I’ve noticed over the last decade. People aren’t passionate or creative in getting into employment and they seem to want jobs handed to them for little work or effort.

Have jobseekers lost their creative spirit?

Also, thinking about LinkedIn, and other online profile services, are we heading towards a time where ALL CV’s are a basic formatted print of a web page? Not even on a decent watermarked, textured paperstock? How will we ever really sort the people with ‘true heart/life passion’ from the ones that ‘manufacture’ passion online? There’s no way to tell if someone’s ‘online presence’ is really a reflection of them, the social networking fad of the time, or whether their online presence was developed by a $12 developer in Romania to make them look good.

I’m hoping we aren’t losing our true creative spirits to the Internet. Just remember – creativity isn’t in the medium, it’s in the person and everything that person does should reflect their passions, even a dull old CV! You want to know a person? look at a mundane item they’ve made like a CV and see if they’re put heart into it.

I’m still waiting for someone to knock on our door and say “I must work for you – I’ll make it happen!”. We’re a leading SaaS company in New Zealand playing on the global stage daily and would be a great company to work for to get a true taste of where the web is going…

No knocks on the door yet… We’ll just keep on keeping on!


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