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This is my beloved Dell XPS M1330 laptop in pieces. Nearly makes me cry! ha ha… it had an overheating issue on the GPU, So needed a new motherboard. (Tip: Ask for the A00 model, not A01 or A04). This is now a known issue on this model but Dell have an easy fix.

No problem though!I have a 2yr on-site warranty. Dell are FANTASTIC for on-site warranty repairs. They sent a guy and the new part out and it was all fixed within 3 days of calling them. The problem seems to stem from an overheating issue where the vents are on the bottom and are easily blocked in on your lap, or carpet etc. You shouldn’t have the issue if the notebook is always on a hard surface. In addition, I’ve purchased the larger battery as it lifts the back of the case up a bit – better airflow!

So yes, it was a critical operation, but my powerhouse pulled through with flying colors! I’d still recommend this model as one of the best I’ve known overall.



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