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This wasn’t intentional, but we’re allowed a small marketing win occasionally. Our huge project management software ad was shown alongside the PR piece for another NZ based job management software provider. So they’ll get some traffic, and so will we ;-)

Here’s the article:

However, on a more serious note, the article is on the money where it says:

“Investing in job tracking and invoicing software is one way of minimising the effects of an economic downturn”

and this…

“As it becomes increasingly likely that New Zealand will experience an economic dip, business owners are, naturally, looking to reduce overheads’, said Keith Mackenzie, managing director of Software Associates. ‘Choosing the right job management software can help business owners pinpoint exactly which areas of their business are bringing in a profit and which areas are proving less successful. For example, by tracking employee time, business owners may learn that certain jobs are consuming more billable time than others.”

This simple fact is that the world economy is a little tough right now. Many companies I talk to are struggling to find profitability amidst high overheads, rising costs, harder sales and a generally more price driven economy.

I totally agree with Keith that investment in productivity software is a necessary spend that can help businesses trim service costs and help highlight areas for improvement. ProActive Software Ltd (developers of has been in the job and project management software game now for about 5 years and in that time, we’ve talked to thousands of businesses.

There is one common thread of conversation coming through.
“How can we be more efficient, find problems, and save costs & time”.

Going into an economic downturn, ALL businesses should be asking this. Visit the ProWorkflow website to find out more…

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