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This is India. It’s where many companies send their outsourced support services and call centres for a more ‘efficient’ operation… Hmm… There’s some irony in Telco’s like Telstra etc sending support to India!

I know that the actual support centers are a little flasher, and they probably use cable ties to tidy things up a bit. But thought this was a laugh for the week after reading through the NZ ‘Digital Strategy’ paper. It says we need Fibre connectivity to compete on the world stage, but India are competing nicely and they’re doing it with spaghetti comms and tin cans tied together with string. Just give us reliability in NZ!

Disclaimer: Some people think I’m serious about this (been contacted by some Indians from 2x telcos :-)  ). for those with no funnybone, this is a lighthearted humorous post. Don’t take it seriously. And yes I’d gladly poke fun at my own country/govt if the opportunity arose – we in NZ have plenty to laugh about! We should all learn to laugh at ourselves more.  ;-)

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