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Every software or SaaS company has a certain level of customer churn. This can be for many reasons, ie: cost, features, service. Normally it’s simply because the solution isn’t a good ‘fit’ for the customer needs. This is normal and not a negative. It’s better to have fewer, loyal, long term customers than large numbers of ‘high churn’ customers if you want to build a sustainable business. Here at ProWorkflow, our churn is fairly low, and many remain as long term customers. I’ve seen quite a few companies move between businesses and employment and recommend ProWorkflow as they go. I can think of many instances where customers have used ProWorkflow at 3 or more businesses or places of employment. Read more…

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I’ve been talking to someone today about what the software industry and SaaS game is like to work in. Just saying it’s “fast-paced” or “ever changing” didn’t quite cut it. Those of us in the industry will appreciate my description as they’ll be aware of the ever deepening layers of complexity when you consider software trends, business models, competition, social networking and all the factors that software co’s are based on – are changing rapidly – and often.

So here goes! My attempt to describe the industry:

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About a year ago, I did a series of YouTube vids for a laugh and also to share some advice I’ve learnt along the way developing . Although I’m a year older now, and a bit more wise and weathered, this advice still stands. Please excuse the poor quality of the sound – I was experimenting with a camera and got some lag. But I bet Twitter wished they’d listened to the first vid!

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One of our latest ProWorkflow customers is an effects shop in San Francisco called “Ordinary Kids”. Check them out over at their website – I have to say, this effects reel is absolutely brilliant – they’ll go far!

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