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Every software or SaaS company has a certain level of customer churn. This can be for many reasons, ie: cost, features, service. Normally it’s simply because the solution isn’t a good ‘fit’ for the customer needs. This is normal and not a negative. It’s better to have fewer, loyal, long term customers than large numbers of ‘high churn’ customers if you want to build a sustainable business. 

Here at ProWorkflow, our churn is fairly low, and many remain as long term customers. I’ve seen quite a few companies move between businesses and employment and recommend ProWorkflow as they go. I can think of many instances where customers have used ProWorkflow at 3 or more businesses or places of employment.

But keeping on the topic of churn, there is one common similarity between those few customers who cancel that has me intrigued. Nearly all of them leave ProWorkflow in a really positive manor and rave about us and the product as they ‘leave the building’. It’s perhaps not the right ‘fit’ for them now, but they love us, love the product and tell us to keep up the good work!

We always take the comments onboard and continually seek to improve the solution. Here’s an example of a really polite, encouraging cancellation (Thanks Zak!):

Hi Julian,

ProWorkflow was fantastic!. It is well laid out, has all the features needed and is easy to use. I really enjoyed using it. I have trialled more than 12 other online project management Web2.0 apps in the past couple of years, but yours was definitely the best.

My challenge was to encourage our clients to use it, but that provided difficult. Most of our clients, senior professionals, are GenX’rs who still struggle with Web2.0 apps and online portals. So we decided to cancel the service rather than keep paying the fee monthly as it sat idle.

However, in saying that, the next opportunity I have to sign up with you guys in the future, I will. But for now we have to cancel. Again, thanks for the great service. Keep up the great work and innovation and I will be recommending ProWorkflow to all of our B2B partnerships and government agencies wherever I can.

Many kind regards


Realising that your product doesn’t fit everyone – all the time – is a key to building relationships and not burning bridges. As corny as it sounds, I’m sincere when I say that we like to make friends with customers coming onboard, and keep them as friends if they leave.

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