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Just tried logging into Twitter – using Internet Explorer to post about something only to find after logging in, I was presented with a nice bit of XML. Reading through I noticed they use Amazon’s S3 service. In light of the issues with Amazon S3 in recent days, I wonder if it’s a Twitter issue or Amazon S3 issue? Who knows? – It’s just a pain…

Still doing it now after clearing cache, rebooting browser etc – so that’s about 15 mins… I think that Twitter is interesting, but I hope they can solve all these ongoing issues, otherwise they’ll never climb out of the ‘lack of reliability’ hole they’ve dug themselves. Check out the screenshots.

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Our development team have been working on an integration module between our ProWorkflow application ( and XERO ( ProWorkflow is web based project management software and XERO is web based accounting software. Both operate under a SaaS (Software As A Service) model. The aim is to transfer invoices from ProWorkflow to XERO and update the invoice status from XERO back into ProWorkflow.

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I found this over on the website It was very inspirational! The HP garage has long been recognised as the birthplace of Silicon Valley. The guys at Bleeding Edge TV were lucky enough to get a guided tour of the garage recently along with the “Shed” the Hewlett used to live in. For all you Start-UP entrepreneurs currently working out of your spare bedroom or garage this video should provide you with all the encouragement you need. View the Vid!

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We’ve been curious to try some print advertising, just to see the effect from a marketing perspective. We recently purchased a full page ad in July 2008’s Startup Mag – A spin off from the guys at Make sure you check out their website – they’re doing a great job promoting local businesses.

I’ve copied the full-page graphic of the ad and placed it below, I’ve also noted the increase in account stats from the time we got the data for the magazine ad to now. It’s kind of an odd thing to put ever changing stats in a print ad – but we thought it was an interesting piece of content to ad to lend further product credibility. Check out the pic!

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There’s so much talk about recessions, downturns etc that I thought we should all just take a step back, chill, read below and have a laugh. Also, it’s a great way to understand the worlds economic models. This came across my desk today, and it’s pretty much spot on! Economic models using cows! We need one of these to describe different startup business models – maybe I’ll do that…

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