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ProWorkflow and XERO IntegrationOur development team have been working on an integration module between our ProWorkflow application  ( and XERO ( ProWorkflow is web based project management software and XERO is web based accounting software. Both operate under a SaaS (Software As A Service) model. The aim is to transfer invoices from ProWorkflow to XERO and update the invoice status from XERO back into ProWorkflow.

We’ve recently been working on a QuickBooks ( integration to do virtually the same function. Whilst QuickBooks is a great application and has high adoption, I have to be honest and say the integration wasn’t that easy. It’s taken about 2 months and we’re nearly there but keep encountering small, odd complexities. It should be ready very soon though.

Going back to XERO though, this is a whole different game. I personally signed up and have been going thorough the solution. It’s looking very promising and QuickBooks should be watching their backs – XERO are doing a nice job of reinventing accounting. There are pro’s and cons to a web based approach, just like there are to a client side app, but personally I prefer web based and portable.

On the API front though, it took weeks to suss out QuickBooks, but our developer had integration with XERO sorted within a few hours with data moving back and forth. He told us it was a piece of cake. So I wanted to say a big thumbs up to the dev team at XERO for the really easy API – It’s much appreciated!  Here’s a comment from our developer:

“Working with the XERO Network API was a great experience because of its simplicity in the integration compared to some other Accounting packages around.

I am very impressed with the guys at XERO on how they have created their Network API that allows partners to integrate smoothly without any problems. It basically requires a simple line of code to transfer to and from XERO. Out of all my experience in integration with outside applications, XERO is one of my favourites!

Great Stuff!!” – Vishal (Senior Developer)



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