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imageThe other day, I was thinking about heading to Church on the weekend, and knew there would be lots of people to catch up with. One of my pet dislikes is having to re-ramble a canned pre-amble… ie: saying “How are you… I’ve been up to ???” over and over to different people, friends or new.

We keep a personal family blog which has a good summary of all the cool activities the family gets up to… There’s many hundreds of photos online… And a picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought “How can I give people quick access to the blog, so they can see what we’re up to and what we’re about”.


Step 1. Save the blog locally

Change the blog settings to show all posts in one view. Save the entire blog as a “WebPage Complete” from Internet Explorer’s file menu. This will save the entire blog as HTML and images etc.


Step 2. Copy the images to the iPhone

Then view the file folder, sort by ‘File Type’ and you’ll see all the images. Simply copy these photos to the iPhone using the iTunes software. Because they’re all blog photos, they’re already the right size to copy, and when iTunes optimizes the photos for the iPhone, it’s really quick!


Step 3. Sync the iPhone!

Then view the photos on the iPhone in the Photo Viewer. Awesome! So anyway, I went along, saw some people to catch up with and when they said the inevitable “What have you been up to?” I simply gave them the iPhone and said “Have a flick of these photos!” Between the groovy iPhone and looking at the photos, they were so engrossed, that I was able to slip away for a piece of cake and cuppa while the iPhone filled them in. It even drew a crowd!

Not sure if I’d call this a life hack or not, but it’s definitely a good conversation optimizer! A bit geeky, but I’m a bit of a geek…

Pretty amazing though that you can summarize a few years of your life with someone in a few seconds of photo flicking! Anyway, here’s a vid of the final ‘Ex Blog – Life Photostream’.

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