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I’ve read quite a few blog posts today from various software co’s about how people are excited their websites are working on the new Google browser – Google Chrome. They seem to be really leveraging this release to pad their own marketing. It must be a slow news day all round?

Now I fully realize that this browser has some tricks up it’s sleeve, that it’s revolutionary and sets a new standard etc… But come on people! It’s a browser! Did you really think that you’d check out websites in ‘Chrome’ and they’d be shinier? differently designed? full of errors?

Personally, I think that the apparent boringness of the first look at our project management software website in Chrome is just testament to their great development team. Basically, all sites seem to just work normally – as they should – no surprises. Everything is ‘business as usual’. Google aren’t stupid enough to release a screwy browser that messes up everyone’s websites and applications. So it should have been expected that nothing would change and sites would load as normal.

That said, we will continue to play with it… Keeping in mind though all the the time that…
…wait for it… “It’s just a browser!”



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