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One of the great benefits to SaaS (Software as a Service) and web based applications is the ability to leverage API’s to get different applications working seamlessly together. This eliminates double entry and opens up powerful flexible solutions to customers. We’ve been working with the team at Xero (Web Based Accounting) to get ProWorkflow (Web Based Project Management Software) seamlessly integrating through invoices.

Invoices can be created directly inside ProWorkflow, using information from the project (expenses, time, line items etc). There is a simple ‘Send To XERO’ link to push the invoices across. Now they are in Xero, payments can be applied as received. It’s easy!

Our first beta customer is Alex Mann from Spin Advertising and Design – We’ve been working closely with Alex to iron out any kinks and it’s now running smoothly! The beauty of the SaaS business model is that even if we spotted an improvement we’d like to make to the integration, we can do this live on their account – so the customer can benefit immediately. Here’s a Testimonial that Alex just sent through:

“The link between Pro-Work-Flow and Xero has concluded our search for the sort of application we have been seeking for many years, we have now eliminated our data entry to virtually nothing (no joke) along with the benefit of two extremely good applications(rather than one app that does a half hearted job)

Firstly our time tracking and project management for our team, or what we term as our “Virtual Job Bag”, this runs online, has massive flexibility and functionality at an affordable rate, and now that Pro-Work-Flow has integrated with Xero we now have another great application for accounting and measuring the success of our business on a financial level.

We now have a truly paperless office, can access/track/communicate/share info with our entire organisation from anywhere on the planet, and have a powerful system to have our organisation run globally.

– Cheers, Alex Mann – Spin Advertising and Design”


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