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It’s fairly easy. Talk, Blog, Syndicate, SEO, Tweet, and build a Solid Product. Then look after users and they’ll become evangelists.

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I’ve just been reading this great blog post from Seth Godin about the “The rapid growth (and destruction) and growth of marketing” as he puts it. In the post, Seth talks about the move from a ‘mass marketing’ culture to a ‘permission based’ culture and the onset of the ‘idea virus’. These are some hugely important areas to understand as they are on the money. I’ve just read his book “The Purple Cow” and I have to admit it’s one of the best reads I’ve had in the past years. I agree with the concepts and they stack up against our own analytics we’ve been tracking around our marketing efforts.

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As founder and CEO of – our web based project management software company, I have many challenges on a daily basis. Basically my day is troubleshooting and helping sort people out. So I’ve decided that this description of the term C.E.O. is a little more relevant.

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