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As founder and CEO of – our web based project management software company, I have many challenges on a daily basis. Basically my day is troubleshooting and helping sort people out. So I’ve decided that this description of the term C.E.O. is a little more relevant.

“C” – Creative!
One of the biggest parts of the job is creating things from nothing. Visuals, systems, documents, cashflows, infrastructure! It all takes a huge amount of creative thinking. I remember when I sat down and designed the ProWorkflow solution on paper with a few loose pencil sketches some years ago – and look at it now! Thanks to a great team we’ve build an awesome solution! All thanks to thousands of creative decisions!

“E” – Entrepreneurial!
Guts, determination, tenacity, patience, frustration, cool head, creative, logical, visionary, stable, good judgement, mathematical. These are just a few of the qualities every CEO needs to possess. All these qualities will refine over time, but you’ll definitely be tested on them all, frequently if you have an entrepreneurial spirit! 

“O” – Organiser!
Even though my personal background is in advertising and design and I’m most at home with a graphics tablet, I always seem to be making lists, putting things in order, making lists for others, putting more things in order, filing, budgeting, creating Excel docs, Word docs, tracking, analysing etc. I do love doing all this, but it’s definitely another skill that’s required by a CEO. An organised CEO = and Organised company.

Whilst staff organise with their ‘piece of the puzzle’ in mind, the difference with a CEO is that they organise with the ‘full picture’ in mind.


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