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I’ve just been reading this great blog post from Seth Godin about the “The rapid growth (and destruction) and growth of marketing” as he puts it.

Here’s the post:

In the post, Seth talks about the move from a ‘mass marketing’ culture to a ‘permission based’ culture and the onset of the ‘idea virus’. These are some hugely important areas to understand as they are on the money. I’ve just read his book “The Purple Cow” and I have to admit it’s one of the best reads I’ve had in the past  years. I agree with the concepts and they stack up against our own analytics we’ve been tracking around our marketing efforts.

Read the book! I’ve recommended it to heaps of people and have bought copies for others… With our project management software, we’d been seeing a decline in conversion for some time with mass marketing efforts and and increase in the conversion from more personal methods, so his theories stack up. Now we are starting to invest more in social media and blogs, articles, RSS etc we’re seeing results.

I’m very keen to read the new ‘Tribes‘ book! However, in his post, in the last paragraph he says:

“Here’s the wager: A year from now, 10/16/09, will you be leading a tribe of people? Will you be creating stories, connecting people, giving them a platform and making things better for people who care about each other? I’m betting you will.”

I see this happening now, but wanted to say I’m looking forward to this coming true across the board. I think we’re moving into exciting times on the web where we’re all on a level playing field in terms of our ability to reach large audiences. I just hope we give our audiences the respect they deserve and don’t abuse the opportunities. As long as we all have at least 50% of our thinking set to “What can I give people” we should be right!

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