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I’m a fisherman and I think this looks awesome!! I think I’ll have to make one for the fishing kit. Cool name too…

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This is a great vid about how little the culture and people of today appreciate technology and the amazing world we live in. The comedian describes youth today as “The crappiest generation of spoiled idiots!” ha ha…

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Kick-start your motivation with these great quotes!

I’ve talked to many people recently that are letting all the negative media spin get to them. They’ve starting to think the glass is half empty rather than opening their minds to the possibilities and opportunities on the current market. Sure it’s a little tight, but that just means it’s a good chance to optimize, systemize and prioritize!

Few sales? Just focus on other areas of business… Go sow some seeds with marketing, get the accounts done, take a holiday, re-evaluate your focus and products. Just realize that the market is moving and the best approach is not to stand still.

You need to make some changes to succeed in business in these times, but that’s a good thing as it means you’ll build a leaner, more focussed company. When it all picks up, you’ll just have a better, slicker business model to scale.

My Twitter account: has nearly 1000 followers and many are hard working, smart techos and creatives so I asked them for a quote that motivates them. I figured we could all share our favorite quotes and get motivated.

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You have 250 projects, 2000 tasks assigned to 25 staff (With 150 projects overdue). The Excel doc you keep track of everything in is 400mb and takes a month to update after getting manual printed reports from the team. The Manager walks in and says “Budget meeting with team leaders in 10 minutes, bring your summaries” – Your heart breaks, you shed a tear and working at a laundrette now sounds appealing.
Your entire project management process hinges on the availability and stock numbers of yellow, green and orange hilighter pens and A2 cardboard sheets in the office. If you run out, chaos reigns.
The new Creative Director comes from the school of ‘Web2.0’ thinking. He tries to instil in you the value of having your project management software run on every wired device possible. He wants your project list available on your Laptop, browser, iPhone, BlackBerry, Car GPS, Bedroom TV, Boat’s Fish Finder and Watch. He also brags about how he can access project data when on a plane, in the car, or on a toilet. Then he asks you to “Go find that piece of software”.

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Firstly, understand that whilst you can control your business to some degree, you can’t control the general market atmosphere. Up’s, downs, good times & recessions are all just a normal part of the swings and roundabouts of business. In the ‘old days’ I used to have a small design business that was affected by market conditions. In the down times, I would stress, panic, chase work and generally lose focus.

After 5-10 years of similar trends of up and downtime, it became apparent that no matter how much I fought, the quiet patches still occurred and revenue dropped. On the flipside, I found during the busy, more positive times that business was good, and revenue flowed. It was also during these busy times that the busyness hilighted the need for good systems and processes. Trouble was though that I had no time to put any new processes and systems in place. I was too busy!

It tome some years to recognize that these periods were actually market trends and not just a result of bad business effort. Look around and talk to business people today and you’ll find that nearly all businesses are in the same economic condition. Almost all are noticing the same patterns, so it’s not just you – we’re in a bad trend.

Here are some simple tips you should consider to help your business run smoother in tough times…

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