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ProActive Software is an innovative SaaS company that develops a web based project management tool called ProWorkflow. The business is almost entirely virtual with remote staff in NZ (and elsewhere), servers in the USA and customers all over the globe.

I’m the CEO, Alan Barlow is the CTO and we have a tight team of legends. We spend all our days (and nights/weekends) working on our dream app – ProWorkflow. Here’s the crux through… Although we have thousands of users, and the tool is being well adopted and used by some big companies, because we’re virtual it’s hard to get any sort of ’emotive’ sense of what we’re actually doing for the customer.

If they’re happy, they just use it (and we don’t hear from them), if they’re grumpy they email us, and otherwise it’s relatively quiet! Just a world of ‘ProWorkers‘ busily working away. That’s why it’s great to receive feedback (from our feedback survey) like the below comments! These made our day!

What does your company do?

Crash Brokers provides a unique premium service in motor vehicle accident & collision repair management.

What services do you provide?

Crash Brokers’ service is available to fleet operators and the general public. When car accidents happen, we provide a one-call solution that saves customers time, stress and money. We manage all logistics before, during and after repairs – from the point of impact through to the day of re-delivery. This includes free pick-up/delivery, free late model courtesy cars & vans, fantastic customer service and communications using ProWorkflow.

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Professional accident management has only ever been available to large fleets at significant cost. Crash Brokers’ model is completely different, and requires no registration or contract so it’s available to everyone when they need it – and the best part is our service is completely free of charge to customers

What’s the back-story of your company? How/when/why was it founded?

I launched Crash Brokers in 2004 in response to an obvious gap in the market – initially SME’s, professionals and individual motorists, though we now serve fleets of all sizes too. I have over 20 years experience in collision repair (“panel beating”) and have held senior roles in car sales and car leasing. As such I’ve experienced the collision repair sector from both sides of the fence, and recognized that there was an opportunity to turn my old “trade” into a professional service that would ensure consistent technical and customer service quality for customers.

What’s your latest piece(s) of work, a recent project, something your company does or did that you’re proud of?

Crash Brokers strength has always been in the caliber of our business partners including preferred supplier status with the professional institutes and car leasing firms. Our most recent, and greatest, success has been a strategic alliance with Protecta Insurance. All Protecta clients now have direct access to Crash Brokers’ expertise so can expect first-class quality and a superior service experience if they’re involved in a collision. Protecta are a great success story themselves, being the only remaining NZ-owned insurance company, they’re very customer focused and Crash Brokers are very proud to be working with them.

Do you have any tips or tricks for other companies to help through the tough economic times?

Nothing is impossible, never give up. It’s a big business pie out there, focus on finding ways to get more of it. Our Protecta Insurance success was no overnight sensation, it’s taken four long years of hard word and determination in the face of constant market resistance and great adversity.

You’re obviously a ProWorkflow customer, why did you choose it over competitors?

I was working with an IT consultant at the time in order to design and develop the perfect web-based system for managing multiple collision repair cases. I happened to mention this to a friend involved in software sales and complained about why there wasn’t an off-the-shelf program that would suit – I got a call from her two days later to say she’d found ProWorkflow and it appeared to provide all the functionality from my wish-list.

How do you use ProWorkflow in your company?

ProWorkflow is now the heart of Crash Brokers’ operation, we’ve eliminated paper records and simply could not function without it. It’s much more than record keeping and billing for us, it is our entire communications system for our staff, service providers, customers and insurance brokers. ProWorkflow provides total transparency and accountability for every case we handle. We love it and our customers love it.

What has ProActive software been like to deal with?

Amazing! I had to become expert in ProWorkflow before training our staff. IT is a major challenge for me, but I found ProWorkflow easy to navigate and intuitive to use, and the technical support is fantastic!

Any final words?

I could not overstate the transformation to Crash Brokers’ operation that has been facilitated by ProWorkflow. I literally is the heart of our operation. I find three factors particularly astounding:
a) That an off-the-shelf program that was never designed for our application or industry can deliver 100% of the functionality we need,
b) We were initially prepared to spend a 6-figure sum to achieve this result and…
c) ProWorkflow does all this for $20/month per user. I consider our move to ProWorkflow to have been our best business decision to date, and the most significant operational improvement by far.


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