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I’ve just read a brilliant post talking about how hard it is to actually run a startup and the stresses and challenges we all face. This is one of the most candid posts I’ve read on the topic. I know for us it’s been a long hard slog and there’s still a way to go. Every day is a battle to some degree, but a battle worth fighting.

Whether it’s hard customers, lack of sales, server trouble, cash flow or staff, being in business is all about knocking over obstacles and pushing forward when there’s many reasons not to. The reward comes down the track – not on day 1.

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I took a look at this site ‘GeniusProject’ and the second page I looked at seems to have the words smallest thumbnails! Maybe this is a new concept in image previewing – I’ll call it “Micro Previews”. These are small image previews for people with VERY good eyesight or who sit VERY close to the monitor.

Just a reminder people – Make sure your links work!

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Looks like have stolen the layout and left navigation from As far as I know they’re two totally unrelated companies (correct me if I’m wrong) so this is blatant design laziness. I blame Bill4Time for this design piracy “do your own design!”.

We use GoToMeeting and thoroughly recommend them – Show them love!

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I have just seen this awesome video that a mate (and customer) Brendon from Chrometoaster posted on Twitter. It pretty well sums up what most people think of ‘New Media’ people. For the youth of today coming through the IT ranks, I can understand why they would call themselves ‘New Media’ experts, but myself being GenX, having seen ‘real’ New Media talented developers and designers, I can really understand why they get peeved to have their role name hijacked by tech newbies.

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I’ve been getting some mixed reports from customers about the current economy and stat of business. I thought it’d be interesting to ask my fellow tweeters how it’s affecting them. Here’s just a few of the replies… Click the screenshots to see their Twitter accounts:

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