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Every now and then a comment you say or hear just hits you… I was tweeting away on Twitter and said the following comment:

“Small” is the new “Big” in the global economy. Big is slow, small is fast!


Now I realize that this is a hugely gross generalization etc, but there was some depth to it. Many of the people I talk to in the software realm (many are CEO’s of small/med co’s) are massively feeling the pinch. Sales are down, traffic, expenses up etc.  But there’s one thing that stands out. Few of them seem to realize that they have a competitive advantage in being small.

They are able to rapidly change product development, marketing approaches, simplify and automate admin and processes etc.

They’re not so big that reviewing expenses is a a chore, ie: Now’s a good time to review hosting providers, communications providers as they’re not ‘pinned down’ by the administrative and bureaucratic weight of 100,000+ customers.

This is a fantastic time to tweak product or brand focus, trim expenses or change strategic direction. The big players in the market can’t make such changes easily due to the huge bureaucracy, process and resource headaches that follow.

The small can move faster and position themselves better in the market, and the market is definitely changing. Those who don’t adapt will be affected. Small and fast is good!

Anyway, then I got this reply from a fellow tweeter:

“Know the feeling – this is ass kicking time!”


And that got me thinking about recent conversations I’d had with other software CEO’s and another thing became apparent. Almost all of the ones I’d talked to were on the defensive rather than the offensive with their businesses. The world economy is hammering them and they’re standing in the corner protecting what they have.

Where’s the fight? This is a time to take the offensive. Don’t just ‘stop doing stuff’, rather have a good think and do ‘more stuff’ and ‘different stuff’! This is your business! your passion! your life! You may have staff depending on you or a user base that depend on you. These people need you to not just pay their wage or keep the service going, but you have to do more! You need to push forward, build the business, get it financially healthy! Work late! Make smart decisions! Try new things!

If you don’t fight for your business in this economy, nobody else will, and there is only so long you can keep up a brave front before the stamina runs dry!

So, in a business sense, this is not ‘Defensive’ time, but rather it’s an ‘Offensive, Ass Kicking!’ time. Have fun and grow in the face of adversity!

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