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image We’re regularly asked about reseller and affiliate programs by happy customers or tech companies so we’re please to offer an affiliate program for referrals to sale.

Refer people and companies to the ProWorkflow solution and when they sign up as an ongoing customer, we’ll thank you with an affiliate payment! Easy!

Note: The affiliate program only pays out for Subscription accounts at this time (ie: not code sales)



ProWorkflow subscription accounts sell for $10, $20 or $30 per user per month depending on the plan chosen.

We have 3x plans ($10, 20, 30 per user p/m). But ultimately there is a monthly price for an account based on the number of staff users.

So for example, a typical sale could be $160 per month.
The Affiliate program pays out the first month’s value of the signup as a one-off affiliate payment. This payment is paid out after the 3rd month the customer is with us.

Example: Customer signs up on the 15th Jan 09 for a $160 per month account

ProWorkflow receives from the customer:
    $160 on June 15, 2009
    $160 on July 15, 2009
    $160 on August 15, 2009

The Affiliate program will pay out $160 (first month) to the affiliate when 3rd month’s invoice is billed, ie: after the 15th August.

How does it work? Where are the banners?
When signed up, login to the Affiliate area and click on the ‘Creative’ tab. There are banner ads and text links to place on your website. Simply copy the appropriate code, place it on your site and the ads will appear. People that click the ad and sign up for a subscription account are tracked and will appear in your reports.

Note: Affiliate payments are only applicable for sales that occur within 180 days of clicking on your website ad.


You will have access to a login area for affiliates where you have access to comprehensive reports about your referred traffic and affiliate sales.


We are using the MyAp system for the affiliate program. This is one of the leading solutions for affiliate management. As part of our contract with MyAp, we will approve payments and transactions, but MyAp will post cheques out to affiliates when due. These will be sent out on the timeframe shown above.


If you come across any issues or have questions, please contact us through our contact form.

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