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Note: John Walley is Chairman and a Director of ProActive Software Ltd, developers of the leading project management software John is involved with strategic planning and governance.

“A little while ago Julian asked me a question that ended up in this blog – not that I am one to blog. You will see from the PWF website I am on the high side of fifty and not “techie” in the “Twitter” sense of the word. However at a functional level I was using email regularly in the early 90’s and I get nostalgic about DOS (in the operating system sense).

Anyhow out of the blue or maybe after a session of me wondering out loud about the utility of channels like Twitter, the following question from Julian hit my inbox.”

From: Julian ProActive [mailto:HIDDEN]
Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 10:29 PM
To: John
Subject: re: Software

Out of curiosity, how are you liking/finding the software world of today (business/marketing-wise) versus say 5-10 years ago? Just wondered what you thought of the new culture…

Web2, SaaS, Marketing (can of worms), 100’s of competitors, etc…

Any thoughts on the industry?

You’ve got huge experience in Manufacturing and software as well as other areas and have seen changes in models over the years. I was just wondering what you thought of the online world today?

That is just the sort of question I get a lot my interactions with the worlds 20 and 30 somethings and they often make me think hard, probably harder than is good for me. My answer:

From: John Walley [mailto:HIDDEN]
Sent: Wednesday, 4 February 2009 6:18 a.m.
To: Julian ProActive
Subject: RE: Software

The world is the way the world is, at some level it has not changed – at least in my observation – that much.  Basic principles remain and probably always will. 

Finding customers, keeping customers, charging the right price that balances the needs of both sides and doing in a way that keeps the wheels on has always been the challenge – it is a bit like your Web 2 yes or no discussions – beauty/difference is in the eye of the beholder.

What has changed is access speed and turn round times have dropped dramatically – that places more pressure on individuals but somewhere in there is individual creativity, welding that to the new tools is the trick, but the tools always need the craftsman. 

For the craftsman the challenge is to learn how the new tools best fit the craft.

As a result of this email Julian asked me to do a guest blog on Julian 101 “thoughts from ProWorkflow’s old chairman” well you can see some above; the only thing I would add would be for those of you who don’t have an older person on the team get one, you will make each other think harder and that has to be good for you, your company, your customers and the mutual dependency that of necessity binds you all together.

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John Walley – Chairman: ProActive Software

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