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It’s been a hard week at ProWorkflow. We’ve had the team working long hours to migrate all customers to the new servers in the new data center. A few teething probs but we’re now shifted and under control. We’re all tired, but received an email today that cheered us us and got us motivated again.

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Now we get a lot of CV’s across our desks each week. Some good, some bad, but I can honestly say I’m quite impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity shown in the CV below.

It’s not just that he took out a big ad in the paper, but the sheer brute honesty and positive spin that I admire. I hope someone can see past his previous business ‘flaws’ and that he stays straight.

This was in the Toronto Financial Post in Feb, 2001.

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I was just sending a page to the printer and must have deleted the ‘Copies’ resulting in the following interesting stupid message:
“The number of copies can be any number from 1 to 32767”.
EH? I can only print 32767? That seems odd?

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