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I was just sending a page to the printer and must have deleted the ‘Copies’ resulting in the following interesting stupid message:
The number of copies can be any number from 1 to 32767”.

EH? I can only print 32767? That seems odd?


Ok, I guess they try to calculate it based on average pages printable from a toner cartridge. However I don’t for one second believe the small cartridge in the printer is capable of 32767 prints, much less 10,000. I’d guess 5,000. So I wonder where they get that number?

Then I saw this from a colleague!


Now this is odd… I’m on XP and she’s on Vista, and you’ll note it’s not related to the printer driver as she has selected a PDF printer (No Paper People!). I Google’d it and it appears that it is related to some techy, geeky, mathematical reason I couldn’t really grasp. But it ISN’T to do with toner levels.

It’s just an example of a silly message that should have been made more friendly by the developers. It also slipped through the XP and Vista releases.

Maybe they should add this to the message:



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