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It’s been a hard week at ProWorkflow. We’ve had the team working long hours to migrate all customers to the new servers in the new data center. A few teething probs but we’re now shifted and under control. We’re all tired, but received an email today that cheered us us and got us motivated again.


Thank you for your response. I totally understand the situation and I’m happy to assist you guys in any way necessary for future releases or testing.

And in that train of thought, let me first say how tremendous your application is. I carefully and painstakingly reviewed well over 60 various online project management systems before selecting ProWorkflow and have been thrilled every since. I run our entire agency on it now and all my staff love it.

Second, I would like to tell you how instrumental Lara was in our decision. Sure the application is feature rich and slick, but her hands-on approach to sales and training made the decision a no-brainer.

We have kept in touch over various technical issues and she’s always happy to hear all my extensive program request ideas for future releases, (Or at least she’s great at pretending she’s happy to hear them).

Anyway, I believe she is a tremendous asset to your team and we are pleased to work with her whenever possible. Keep up the great work and thank you again for providing an application like no other.

Take care Julian and just make sure you guys never go anywhere. We depend on your app way too much now and from what I’ve seen out there, there’s a far distance to anything that’s even close to being considered comparable!
David P. Smith | President

We love these emails. They give us confidence that we’re on the right track with the solution. Especially when we hear that ProWorkflow beat 60 other project management software solutions! wow!

We’ll continue to improve the app and ROI to customers. It’s what we live for!

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