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I just really like this story… I bet the Mint guys are really stoked about turning the heads of Intuit. Good on them I say! Great job guys! From this: “Quicken Online Can’t Believe Mint Is Doing So Well; Sends Threatening Letter” “Intuit, the company behind the well-known Quicken suite of money management software […]

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One of our team, Lara, just sent me a link to a great article written by Joel Spolsky about programmers and shipping product called: . The Duct Tape Programmer  . It’s basically saying don’t worry too much about the polish on your code or getting it 100%, just ship it! I talk to other […]

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I came across a neat tool the other day called Wordle – It’s a great tool for graphically representing mass words, tag clouds, etc. I pointed it at my blog and here’s some examples of what it did… ————- About the author: Julian Stone, CEO – Project Management Software visionary for: ProActive Software, ProWorkflow, […]

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