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I’m loving seeing the adoption of social media by our New Zealand Government and in particular, John Key (Prime Minister). Well done John!

Looking back, I don’t think this would have worked with Labour, as Helen Clark wasn’t exactly what I’d call an ‘approachable’ lady, but the Nats  have done it well! John Key is really coming across as a decent chap I could have a coffee with.

This does beg the obvious question though:

“With the rapid onset of social media, and keeping in mind the person using it needs to be ‘Followable’ to be ‘Followed’, will the next election be won (or ‘steered’) based on the candidate’s ‘Online Personality’ rather than their ‘Policies’?

Anyway, here’s an interesting list of some New Zealand Government social media and other online links:


image Twitter: (NZ Official Government Twitter accounts)

 imageJohn Key (Prime Minister)

  imageNational Party:

Websites: (Official NZ Government Websites)

Civil Servants:

Feeds (Unofficial government feeds)

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