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During my daily reading i came across this interesting comment below on an article in iTWeb. It’s just further proof that the project management industry is massive and isn’t looking to shrink anytime soon.


The economic stimulus assistance injected into major industrial countries to counter the effects of a global recession shone a spotlight on the need to rebuild their infrastructures, reports CRM Buyer.

The need to manage such public works investments efficiently has generated a huge potential market for project management software and related services. Even without the stimulus packages, worldwide spending on such projects is truly eye-popping, making the market for PM systems similarly astounding.

"Current estimates are that $12 trillion per year is spent on fixed capital projects worldwide, representing 20% of global product," J LeRoy Ward, executive vice-president of ESI International, told CRM Buyer.

Many software and SaaS co’s are concerned about competition, but not us. We’ve always believed there’s enough market size for project management software globally to allow for many strong players in the marketplace all with different aproaches.

We’ll continue to improve our world class project management software, and keep delivering great value to our users! Over time we should get our fair slice of the pie!

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