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I was cruising the ‘tubes’ this evening and came across a great software review written just a little while ago of our ProWorkflow tool.
Check out the review!

Software Review:

“Like all good online project management software, ProWorkflow manages projects and tasks assigned to users. Where ProWorkflow is set apart from its competition is in the extra features: time management, reports, invoicing, quote management and customizable settings.

ProWorkflow is marketed as having been designed with customer feedback, and it shows. The interface is streamlined and arranged in such a way that what users actually use is readily available. Other, less-often used features are kept a few clicks away.

We were especially impressed with the dashboard that users see upon login: a comprehensive view of tasks and projects that managed not to feel cluttered. The calendar on the left-hand side menu is a nice touch.

For managers, it is even possible to see the dashboard for another user, so that he or she can have a bird’s eye view of the user’s workload. But team management in ProWorkflow goes further than that: we were impressed with the staff workload report, which shows, for each user, how many hours are scheduled. It can even be broken by project and tasks. This makes it easy to see when a resource is overscheduled.

Yet another impressive feature is the invoicing module. As staff log in their time and expenses for each task and project, ProWorkflow builds a “bill” for the client. Then, within a few clicks, a professional-looking invoice can be built, that includes everything from staff hours and billed rates, to other expenses. Invoices are fully customizable.

ProWorkflow is chockfull of details that show they really listened to their customers:

  • Multiple Tasks can be edited all at once in a grid.
  • Email alerts are detailed and can be adapted to the company’s needs.
  • The basic look and feel of the system can also easily be changed without having to contract work from ProWorkflow’s developers.
  • Project managers can leverage a search feature that includes clients on top of the usual parameters.

Pricing is also simple at ProWorkflow: users pay for file space and staff logins. Tasks and projects are not limited. This is a welcome change from other systems that charge per project.

Overall, ProWorkflow is a highly flexible system that will benefit organizations big and small, without a steep learning curve, both on the user and the administrator sides.”




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