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Here’s an interesting visualization of the Apple App Store stats and economy. Have a good read, the numbers are pretty interesting.


Am I right in assuming that monthly…

  • 200,000,000 downloads p/m x 1/4 = 50,000,000 paid downloads
  • 50,000,000 paid downloads x Av $2.59 = $129,500,000 Income
  • $129,500,000 x 70% = $90,650,000 Income to Developers
  • $90,650,000 Income to Developers / 28,000 Developers equals…
  • Total: $3,237 per Developer
  • = $38,850 per year!

I’m not going to make any conclusions here but am keen to hear what other people think of this. Is that level of average revenue enticing enough to make writing iPhone App’s worthwhile? Would you quit your development job yet to develop iPhone apps?

Remember I’m talking here about average apps, not the odd successful iPhone apps that sell millions… Like this, this and this.

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