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We are a New Zealand company with a large global user base for our web based project management software All our SaaS servers are located at the LayeredTech/Fastservers data center in Chicago. They have given us 6-7 years of solid performance with plenty of available staff for onsite 24/7 support at all times. I […]

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On a totally non I.T. work related subject, every hard worker needs a relaxing hobby to keep them sane. RC model gliders is one of mine. I’ve built quite a few RC gliders and planes as a kid but though I’d have another crack and see if I could still produce the goods! This is […]

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I know a huge amount of web designers and creative’s and being an ex-creative myself I can totally relate to this vid. This is a humorous look at what some web design clients would be like in real life if they took the same approach to other areas that they do to paying for work  […]

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I saw a site advertising a new iPhone app to work with BaseCamp’s Project Management tool. The website had some screenshots on the homepage, and one of these screenshot section is called ‘Comments’. But look at the sample comment! haha! eh? What? I guess people should be a little more professional when adding product  screenshots […]

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There was a great article recently on ReadWriteWeb about hacking the iPhone App Store ranking algorithm. Here’s the original article. Article: ”Hacking the iPhone App Store’s Ranking Algorithm” They seem to have a really good handle on what’s going on and I guess it’s really easy to pull statistics and trends from hundreds and thousands […]

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