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We’re at a point in one of our businesses where we need to expand infrastructure further than the available cash/flow can take us. It’s quite a character building place to be. For a few months we need to turn heads to development again (whilst maintaining sales activity) so we can have more products available to offer the current site traffic.

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Here’s an article about myself and Sarah (my wife) featured in the local newspaper. It gives a good picture of who we are and what we’re doing… Worth a read. > Here’s the article: The Press Article

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An innovative Christchurch company is today launching version 2.0 of its highly successful workflow management software. ProWorkflow, the brain-child of Julian and Sarah Stone, and developed with business partner Alan Barlow, is already selling 98% of its software product offshore, less than a year after launching version 1.0.

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Reactive vs Proactive Selling/Marketing/Lead generation advice

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